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SIIS Fellows

This is the resource page for the Summer Institute for Israel Studies Fellows. Following is the SIIS 2019 Syllabus. The readings will only be accessible to SIIS Fellows.

Fellows: Please note that due to current Brandeis policy, access to subscription-based resources will be available for a limited time following your participation in the Summer Institute.

2019 SIIS Syllabus

The Multiplicities of Zionism
Rachel Fish

Parallel Narratives
Ilan Troen

Religion and Society
Yehudah Mirsky

Israeli National Security and the Conflict
Michael Eizenstadt

Israel’s Foreign Policy
Tamara Wittes

Israeli Politics
Natan Sachs

Israel: Jewish and Democratic?
Alexander Kaye

Gender in Israel
Shayna Weiss

Impact of the Shoah on Israeli Society
Laura Jockusch

Mizrahi Jews in Israel
Bryan Roby

Introducing Israeli Cinema
Rachel Harris

Israeli Art and Visual Culture
Gannit Ankori

Palestinian History and State Formation
Jonathan Gribetz

Palestinian Politics and Peacemaking
Ghaith al-Omari

Political Islam – The Case of Hamas
Elie Rekhess

Arabs in a Jewish State – Dilemmas of National Identity
Elie Rekhess

Israel and the Middle East
Asher Susser

Zionist Settlement
Liora Halperin

The U.S. and Peace Negotiations
Daniel Kurtzer

Americans in Israel: From the 19th Century to the Present
Jonathan Sarna

U.S. Jews and Israel
Steven Bayme

Israel’s Economy
Amotz Asa-El

Music in Israeli Life and Culture
Mark Kligman

Hebrew Literature: Narrating the Nation
Ilana Szobel

Israel and the Environment
Shay Rabineau

Teaching with Technology in the Israel Studies Classroom
Rachel Deblinger